• Relaxation and promoting circulation
  • Relief tired legs
  • The easy way to massage your legs right at home
  • Air Leg-Massager includes Thigh Wraps, 4 Different Mode Settings and AC/DC Adapter

You can keep your legs relaxed attractive at home. Air Leg-Massage boots simulate the pumping action of exercise. At the same time, they gently massage your legs to relieve stress, massage muscles and soothe fatigue.
Air Leg-Massage gently massages your tired, achy legs. Just put them on, start them up ... and you won't believe how great you can feel! Air Leg-Massage include special massage sleeves for your calves and feet. Control unit pinpoints air pressure to key pressure points. The massage soothes and relaxes you as the air-chambers inflate and deflate. Your whole body will feel rejuvenated!
Air Leg-Massage provides a non-invasive and comfortable compression massage right in your home. It gently
and softly massages away fatigue and tenderness. Just relax and experience the great feeling of a deep massage, right where you need it!

Product Name   :  Air Leg-Massager
Model No       :  Air-3038
Input          :  6V 500mA AC/DC adapter or 
                  4 AA 1.5V batteries
G.W.           :  14     KGS
N.W. : 13 KGS
Measurement : 51.5 x 29.5 x 39 CM
QTY. 20'FCL : 3136 PCS
QTY. 40'FCL : 6469 PCS
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